Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Found In A Humidor

A Poem By Carol Lynn & Jim

And so I write to you, my love,
unspoken thoughts that plague my brain,
while others wait for evening dreams,
spinning to restful places,
back and forth to heaven,
I dance with fear of losing you...
long past days of worry, far into madness,
pacing the floor of the ocean counting steps between.
Breathing no air, unable to swim,
an anchor less ship, with arduous task
of camouflage, never revealing
my whole self to anyone.

Though I write, I may never send,
shall I burn these words as prayer
to indifferent gods, maybe flame will light
these corridors of endless uncertainty,
then become the eternal torch that
burdens this desperate soul.
But I will carry this beacon on high,
and though you are distance,
my light may guide you back.

It's here I'll wait for you, my love,
hallowed hours spent praying you'll return.
I'm only palsied marrow now,
all that's left gone dead and numb.
Should I try the unfathomable,
divulging this inner truth, hoping for
emancipation, freeing all that lies within,
what may come of that?
Should I kneel and weep, professing
I am nothing without you, while you stand
akimbo, amused by my devotion.

Is this waiting a futile thing,
my arousal a fools game,
lonely among millions to chose from,
yet none measure to your ideal.
Forgive me if this is unseemly,
but my platitudes are a desperate ploy,
a last ditch volley of shock and awe,
a strategy for your surrender,
a treatise for your consideration,
a white flag, if all else fails.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jeanne d'Arc
Then morning came as answer
Called to my lady's prayer
Yet night time had devoured
Our maiden sweet and fair
It's true I always craved her
Though never would I tell
The many who had loved her
The many who had fell
Her battle cry we followed
Great banner flying high
Heaven wept and angels sang
As she gazed at the sky
But fortune was arrested
Lancaster brought her down
Staked a claim for blasphemy
Then staked unholy ground
A flame can never purify
Or smoke and ash obscure
This heroine so perfect
This child who was so pure
But now her war is over
She never can come back
But I'll keep fighting for her
Oh my love, Jeanne d'Arc

Sunday, November 19, 2006

We Try, My Love

I played you some music,
but the tone was downbeat and devastating,
you laughed,
and claimed it suited my melancholy nature.

I cooked you some dinner,
but the feast was drab and pointless,
you flinched,
and told me it was an acquired taste,

I read you some poetry,
but the theme became lost and confused,
you wept,
and lied that the words were beautiful.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alone But Never Lonely

My tree fell near your house,
you were...Cold
so you butchered it for fuel.
But that old tree and I had seen so much,
I had nursed it through the empty winter
I had counted the leafs on its bare branches
I knew the texture of its rotten bark
I was aware of its suffering
I am glad it comforts you now
I am happy your toes are warm
I am delighted your toasting fork has a purpose

Monday, November 06, 2006

How Long Shall I kneel, On Your Eggshell Floor

How long shall I kneel, on your eggshell floor?
Will I stay here head bowed?
Afraid to ask you to stay
Afraid to ask you to go
Waiting for you to decide
Waiting for your just sentence
Asking for your unjust sentence
Asking for mercy
Begging for nothing
Begging for something
Wanting to love you
Wanting to hate you
Needing to hold you
Needing to let go
Desperate to say so
Desperate to say no
How long shall I kneel, on your eggshell floor?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Envelope Worker Seals His Own Fate!

Envelope worker seals his own fate!
I smiled at the non intended pun,
but not the dire consequences
the envelope worker had found himself in.
I suppose he had only himself to blame,
as I have blamed myself over again.

The bus driver grinned, and proudly declared
your my only passenger today.
It's your attitude,
I have observed people prefer a kindly nature.
My shopkeeper is kindly,
and enquires at my health
as he hands over my favorite brand
of smoking kills.

I leave the driver to consider my advice,
and continue to ignore my journey.
I turn to the next headline.
Fishermen win lottery and push out the boat!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

If I Never See You Again

If I never see you again
The sun will still shine
Only to burn me
Rivers will still flow
Only to drown in
Birds will still sing
But carry no tune
Angels will still speak your name
But fall on deaf ears
Music will still be composed
To be played badly
Verse will still be written
But carry no rhyme
Dawn will still break
To my broken heart
If I never see you again

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Torquemada Lay Down Your Burning Effigy

Torquemada, lay down your burning effigy lest you scorch the Earth.

Quell your fanatical enthusiasm for shaking your fist, and proclaiming-

repent, you are all off Gods Christmas list.

Torquemada, release the poets and the artists to their work.

Or rip out eloquent tongues, and chop off long fingered hands,

and let them be silent monks.

Torquemada, will you forgo the new inquisition, so that you may-

stamp out the insecurities of faith, with courage, passion and hope.

Or issue you proclamation of waste.

I used Poor old Torquemada as an analogy to make my point.
What I'm trying to say here is that faith, no matter your believe should be rock solid.
No matter what people say about your religion, it is only ever said through lack of knowledge.
But asking question of faith can only serve to strengthen it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Always Thought Your Eye Were Lovely

I always thought your eyes were lovely.
Such a well of secrets, you never truly revealed to me.
Oh how much depth they hold, I could sink forever-
but never want to return to gulp sweet air.
Ah such despair is mine that I am not yours.

I always thought your smile was lovely.
Lips parted that question ready, but never asked of me.
Those lips I have never kissed, I know are gentle,
but sent to torment me, every time they say-
my love, you are never mine.

I always thought your hands were lovely.
So warm to hold, gentle would be their caress.
Nails polished to perfection, finger tip to tip,
but willing to rip, this heart from its home.
But for your part, unready and alone.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Diggers Song

I stood upon a moonlit glade-
on my shoulder rests a spade,
is the the spot where love was laid?

I stoop to dig my muscles ache-
how long must this digging take,
as long as will for my loves sake.

And when at last my efforts done-
my sweat burned of by morning sun,
there lies exposed my holy one.

Do You Sleep

Do you sleep? My lord asked me,

for your eyes they must be closed.

Or do you see what pleases thee?

That was the question posed.

My lord I cherish everything-

upon the Earth that moves.

From the smallest of all creatures,

to the beasts that walk on hooves.

Then what of man, who is your kin-

in every thought and deed.

All brothers and all sisters,

prey do you feel their need?

Lord, are they not unworthy?

As they murder lust and steel.

Then trample nations unto dust-

if they refuse to kneel.

Once I was Gautama,

a prince in my own land.

And I used to sit in wonder-

of the pleasures that where planed.

One day there came four messengers-

who refused to be ignored.

And each then took it in his turn-

to show me life and more.

Do you sleep? The four asked me,

for your eyes they must be closed.

Or do you see what pleases thee?

That was the question posed.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

You Call Again My frequent Friend

You call again my frequent friend
So very eager to report
Picking at the bones of my lost love
Licking the wounds of my old hurt

Lets sit together and speak of mystery
And the songs we never sang
Weeping our old mans lament
For the bells that never rang

Lets sip our chocolate latte
Before we say farewell
And I'll make to you my secret smile
That only you can tell

And shall we meet again tomorrow
For I've nothing else to do
We can walk through endless memories
And talk of nothing new

Monday, August 28, 2006

Can You See Where The Hills Sleep

Can you see where the hills sleep
Undisturbed by your concerns
Gentle and rolling
Forever changing in their turn

And you my friend so tense
Angry and frustrated in your life
Look at the hills and weep
With the eyes that blind you twice

And can you feel the breeze
Soft as any lovers touch
But invisible to all outside
And to you who care to much

Oh can you hear the ocean
Weeping for her lost brothers
Never ending always moving
Are you moved by any other?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Softly Falls The Dust

Softly falls the dust again
And I know where I must go
It's happened all those times before
In a place I used to know

I made you say a promise
That I knew you'd never keep
But if promises are made to last
They'll last a lonely week

I made you swear to love me
But its true you never could
You said it was my sacred oath
That I never understood

So you fashioned me a burden
That I carry to this day
Ah but burdens are for bearing
And its bearing me away

Sunday, August 20, 2006


My nights and days are incomplete
So where's the big surprise
I find the stranger become sleep
For all I see is just her eyes

Saturday, August 19, 2006

You have to keep an eye on these two

Monday, August 14, 2006

Martha Said

Martha said that I could Love her
It was spoken from the heart
And in that misty moment
I was sure this was the start

We walked the road to Heaven
Where I kissed her stocking feet
Prey don't tarry there my love
For my lips they are so sweet

But my love I am a sinner
Yes but sinner come inside
And fall into my soft embrace
for my heart is open wide

So I spent the night in heaven
And I cherished her so true
Then when at last I said farewell
I whispered Martha I love you

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Went camping for the first time in many years. Unfortunately the ground was to hard and it was absolutely freezing, so we didn't sleep very well.
But I did manage to take this picture at 5am. Nice sky.

If your wondering where this is, it's Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

Long Night Of Angst

There’s an object of hope and despair
And it’s laughing at me from the table
But I'll fight to ignore it somehow
It’s that thought that’s keeping me stable

And I think that I know where you’ve been
But my cruel heart said he knows better
It’s a battle of wills he can win
Like the battle when you lost your sweater

And this long night of angst breaks me down
Like you broke me to your way of thinking
But this soul keeps losing ground
And it’s sinking and sinking and sinking

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Me and my best friend

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Buddha Days

Come over here and look outside my window
It’s just a metaphor for lists to follow
But we’re safe and sound inside my friend
Far away from all that’s dipped in sorrow

And if you ask me about my life that’s been
And all the Buddha days that came to pass
Then I’ll point outside just one more time
And whisper that my Buddha days wont last

Do you think it’s time to make our plans?
And step outside that misting glass
But if you and I where not so blind
Then we would see what’s coming fast

And now we look to the far horizon
And all those ships way out at sea
I think there sailing here to take us
But will our sailing make us free

I want to hold your hand forever friend
It makes me feel warm and secure
But if my Buddha days are finally over
Then was my faith so much a cure

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To you.

Hello, is there anybody out there?
Don’t be scared leave a comment or send an e:mail.
Go on I can take it.

Went for a very very long walk here last night.
Kirkhill Forest just outside Aberdeen.
It was a very warm evening so I kind of struggled a bit.
But the flame haired one seemed to manage it fine, even Lucy was toiling at the end.

If I'm not careful this will soon become a site for four legged friends.
My wife Fiona has is a very vibrant red head, so there is a clue.

Lady Of The Flame Red Hair

My lady of the flame red hair
Like a sunset bright and strong
You lead me where I long to go
Where I can do no wrong

My Lady of the flame red hair
It is love that's good and true
And no matter if you say farewell
I will always look for you

My lady of the flame red hair
Do you think now we are older
That time has left his scar on us
Or that time has left us colder

My lady of the flame red hair
We are neither young nor old
For the mark of life is on us now
And we have ourselves to hold

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is Lucy, she enjoys long country walks.
Unlike Paddy, who would rather stay at home and watch a good film.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I think you can make up your own mind about this one.

Old Friend

Its been so many years now
I cant believe you really tried
To put so much behind you
Of how you schemed and lied

You said you where a player
You said you had it planned
But I've seen that all before my friend
I've seen that empty hand

And now your here to tell me
That you thought I was the best
A rock and pillar to admire
But I don't think I sat that test

And the women that you courted
They where lovers good and true
But you know I really loved her
And I don't think that she loved you

And here you are again old friend
That's just how you call me
But things they change forever
And now I really see

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just an angry thought

Not far from where I work there is a venerable building which is nearly 200 years old.
Since the early 1800s it was used as a soup kitchen, to feed the poor and homeless.
It is now situated between a large shopping mall and well known department store. It is maybe 20 years now since it was last used for its original purpose, and has been a Costa coffee for some time now.
It made me so angry to read in the local press, that they wanted to demolish it so that the already very large mall could become even larger.
Lets all sacrifice our history on the alter of retail consumerism.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little bit ecumenical this one.

We Are

God swore deeply
Under his breath so no one could hear
God had a thirst
So very discreetly he opened a beer
God has to be careful
No one can know that he favors so few
So God awful careful
I'm afraid that it looks like he's just me and you

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Felt a bit low when I did this one, doesn't really scan either so its rubbish really, but hay ho.

A Souls Lament

The gravity of the situation is very clear
But you always held me dear
There are times when I never really knew
About the times I spent with you

And when you call me is it wrong or right
Thinking of all those many nights
But I hold myself in great esteem
If only in my own eyes dream

I wake alone to find you here
the effect of love no longer clear
Maybe it's the way that we control
Maybe its just my lack of soul

But if that's so I take my leave
Another bad dream I can weave
And when you read the morning news
I hope you look for all the clues

This is a story about an old space dog, who is much loved. (Above is the old Rockateer himself)

Paddy's Rocket

Paddy dreamt of a rocket
he wanted to look at the sky
So he bought some things like glue and strings
All the stuff that would make it fly

For a week and a day he labored
locked away in the garden shed
But he stopped long enough for meals and stuff
And occasionally going to bed

Then at last the big day came
And they gathered to wish him farewell
They packed him some lunch and he said thanks a bunch
I'll be back with some stories to tell

Well he flew way out in the stratosphere
He flew so far into space
But he got a sore tummy and was missing his mummy
And the tears where wet on his face

So paddy came home with his rocket
He was glad that he'd looked at the sky
But when all's said and done you cant beat your mum
No matter how hard a dog try's

On the 31st of August 2006 Paddy took his rocket for one last look at the sky.
Good luck Pads see you soon.