Sunday, August 26, 2007


If anyone is looking for a good read over the long winter nights which are really not that far off now. Then you must check out the latest books from myself and some of my friends.

Good reading

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In Between Nowhere

Collecting driftwood from the shore
She carves in words with care
Then asking where her thoughts came from
There in between nowhere

She stole my heart five thousand times
Accomplished with great flair
And every song and poem sprang
From in between nowhere

Then when at last my aching heart
And soul no longer care
I read aloud her words of love
From in between nowhere

I'll tie some chain around this heart
So no one else will dare
Remove it from my resting place
Lost in between nowhere

For Carol Lynn & Leonard
Leonard for the inspiration to write,
Carol Lynn for the inspiration to try and do it properly

Friday, August 03, 2007

All That We Are is a Broken Promise

Let me bury all my sorrow
Collected through the years
Then lay atop a wreath of words
That sounded insincere

Next take away my pen and ink
And cast them to the sea
But as the moon commands the tides
Lies flow on back to me

Now dismantle all my weapons
But leave this soldiers gun
To keep away the hounds of truth
Surrounding everyone

Ah but if my war is over
I'm not afraid to cry
That the harlots and the valiant
Must give love one more try

Aphrodite Gives The Game Away

Shall I love you
with the passion
of a martyr?
lost in the
futility of the

Or should I
at least resort
to the excuse
of a coward?

I am but a man
His Ambiguous Writings on Love

I knew a poet,
who used obscure
metaphor, to justify
untruths about those
he loved.
But as time passed,
each lie was taken
daily, and used to
prop up the illusion
of his invincibility.

I have become superman,
he would declare.
Yet was concerned
his new found
redemption, would
one day be denied him.

So he took to falling
in love, all over again.
Analising each experience,
in a scientific study of self
denial. Then one by one
documented the disasters
that would follow.

But at last, when each tale
became the essence of
his existence, he recited
them all back to his victims,
and the whole thing would
start over again.