Monday, October 15, 2007

Desperate For The Impostor

From carving reckless follies in the night
I stretch a bitter hand so you will know
My heart is dull and failing in the light
As fire in your breast no longer glows

I stole a pot of honey from your room
In jealousy I smeared it on the walls
I prayed you’d never catch me in the gloom
Especially when spite and anger calls

Positioning myself outside you head
I'm constantly reminded of our time
Remembering those roses on your bed
And how I waited patiently in line

So now my dear I hold a scarlet cure
Some little pills to swallow one by one
But so convinced your bleakest heart was pure
My love provided bullets for your gun

Now let me take a lifetime to adjust
To all the gifts you laid down by my side
And as I gently veil them in my dust
I bravely cross the line that you provide