Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Envelope Worker Seals His Own Fate!

Envelope worker seals his own fate!
I smiled at the non intended pun,
but not the dire consequences
the envelope worker had found himself in.
I suppose he had only himself to blame,
as I have blamed myself over again.

The bus driver grinned, and proudly declared
your my only passenger today.
It's your attitude,
I have observed people prefer a kindly nature.
My shopkeeper is kindly,
and enquires at my health
as he hands over my favorite brand
of smoking kills.

I leave the driver to consider my advice,
and continue to ignore my journey.
I turn to the next headline.
Fishermen win lottery and push out the boat!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

If I Never See You Again

If I never see you again
The sun will still shine
Only to burn me
Rivers will still flow
Only to drown in
Birds will still sing
But carry no tune
Angels will still speak your name
But fall on deaf ears
Music will still be composed
To be played badly
Verse will still be written
But carry no rhyme
Dawn will still break
To my broken heart
If I never see you again