Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Principles of uncertain origin

Now the body of love was found dying
Of a wound that I wrote on her back
From a text that was not illustrated
With instructions not printed in black

But my plea of puerile was accepted
And the statement was carefully read
To the jury who solemnly listened
But insisted on Coleridge instead

So they sent me away in my shackles
With a note I could never appeal
Of a sentence I hardly could finish
And a verse that should never reveal

Still I work at my only redemption
Adding stresses each time that I pray
To the Angels who ponder my ravings
That I scratch on these walls every day
Sonnet in blue #8

If destiny should ever be as fair
And gentle as your touch upon the skin,
That wakes a man from slumber and regret
Of love that was reluctant to begin.

Then purify the future with a kiss
Upon the lips that whisper mystery,
Of truths we left abandoned in the past,
Consigned with all that’s gone to history.

So lay your head upon this dream of white,
And rest a little while in beggar’s arms.
Then I shall weight my sorrow on your breasts,
And tie it up with ribbons and with charms.

First one with lace, and then the next with gold,
That’s woven softly through the next lie told.