Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jeanne d'Arc
Then morning came as answer
Called to my lady's prayer
Yet night time had devoured
Our maiden sweet and fair
It's true I always craved her
Though never would I tell
The many who had loved her
The many who had fell
Her battle cry we followed
Great banner flying high
Heaven wept and angels sang
As she gazed at the sky
But fortune was arrested
Lancaster brought her down
Staked a claim for blasphemy
Then staked unholy ground
A flame can never purify
Or smoke and ash obscure
This heroine so perfect
This child who was so pure
But now her war is over
She never can come back
But I'll keep fighting for her
Oh my love, Jeanne d'Arc

Sunday, November 19, 2006

We Try, My Love

I played you some music,
but the tone was downbeat and devastating,
you laughed,
and claimed it suited my melancholy nature.

I cooked you some dinner,
but the feast was drab and pointless,
you flinched,
and told me it was an acquired taste,

I read you some poetry,
but the theme became lost and confused,
you wept,
and lied that the words were beautiful.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alone But Never Lonely

My tree fell near your house,
you were...Cold
so you butchered it for fuel.
But that old tree and I had seen so much,
I had nursed it through the empty winter
I had counted the leafs on its bare branches
I knew the texture of its rotten bark
I was aware of its suffering
I am glad it comforts you now
I am happy your toes are warm
I am delighted your toasting fork has a purpose

Monday, November 06, 2006

How Long Shall I kneel, On Your Eggshell Floor

How long shall I kneel, on your eggshell floor?
Will I stay here head bowed?
Afraid to ask you to stay
Afraid to ask you to go
Waiting for you to decide
Waiting for your just sentence
Asking for your unjust sentence
Asking for mercy
Begging for nothing
Begging for something
Wanting to love you
Wanting to hate you
Needing to hold you
Needing to let go
Desperate to say so
Desperate to say no
How long shall I kneel, on your eggshell floor?