Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Things I Mislaid

I found my understanding
on the Internet, but avoided
the fashion Buddhists, when
the sent out for vegetarian
lasagna, while meditating
with knees knotted to remind
them of their piety.

I found darkness
in a bitter old well, where I would
visit frequently to draw from
it's purity, and wallow in the
self satisfaction of my own

I found my wisdom
in a copy of readers digest,
while waiting to see how many
points I had scored,
and if suicide was still not
an option.

I found my strength of character
where it had always been.
I would like to introduce my friend and fellow poet Myst,
and if you go to my links section you are certainly in for a treat.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Leonard Said

Leonard said,
I am content,
is this the end
of my life in art.

can happiness
hinder articulation?
light heart
dark dreaming.

I sleep
at your breast,
like a child
walled up
from pain.

But alas Janis
you must leave,

Monday, January 01, 2007

One Legged Man

One legged man,
himself confined,
swore with profound eloquence,
his mind understated.

Yet language not withstanding
our lady's feelings,
locked in concise English,
was all he said on the subject.
Do Not Worry, Just For Today

So we bled the unknown soldier
For the ones who knew the score
But the barrels of our weapons
Held no flowers anymore

Then the souls that we abandoned
Called for mercy from the dark
So we marched to their salvation
With our pipe band in the park

Yet the mothers stood forsaken
As the children walked away
Though they yearned for our protection
We had nothing left to say

For although we came as prophets
Of the unborn and the mild
Are we also called to stand by?
Every lost and unknown child